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Τhe educational programs
Preparation for the Kindergarten

The Zoo Club educational programs are based on the assumption that every child is intelligent and have their own way of learning. We focus on meeting the learning and developmental needs of each child separately. Children are guided by our experienced teachers and learn at their own pace.

Because children learn when they actively participate, in each class there are learning corners ready to explore. The exploration and the game develop a complex way of thinking. The Zoo Club teachers enrich these experiences with activities that encourage socialisation. We give children a strong foundation for the elementary school and continuing love for learning.

Classes according to the age of children

The various activities in The Zoo Club encourage exploration, problem solving and discovery, providing the skills that children need in elementary school and beyond. In each class there is age homogeneity.


Music kinetics education
Introduction of mother tongue
Introduction of the English language
Preparation of the child for preReadind - preMaths
Music propedia
Educational and recreational trips


Theatrical play
English language


Our structured educational programs prepare the children of The Zoo Club day nursery to earn in the best way the abilities and skills needed for the kindergarten.

Basic concepts:
Shapes, colors, mobility, directions.

Children learn to recognize shapes, colors and simple contrasts using blocks, different types of paint and a wide range of materials. For example we could paint a painting with the colors worn by children, or to work as a team to match shapes. During group activities we help children to focus on concepts such as up - down front - back quickly - so late etc.

Development language:
Letters, sounds, words, stories.

Children have limitless opportunities to develop their language skills by recognizing letters, writing their names, words and sentences. With language development games, with matching items in drawers that have their name, by creating their own stories, children actively learn through themes that have meaning for themselves.

Building capacity in mathematics:
Matching, sorting, number identification, counting.

Mathematical skills are something we use everyday in our lives, so we provide the children subjects that help you develop these skills. Counting, sorting and matching objects with similar characteristics, determining the number of dishes and napkins needed for the dinner, all these integrate learning into the daily activities.


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